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Thalente Khomo - Wesithunzi
Thalente Khomo - Wesithunzi

Thalente Khomo - Wesithunzi

Thalente Khomo
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Tecco photo paper 230gsm
Edition 4/5 + 2AP
Dimensions (mm): 594 x 420

Thalente Khomo questions the exploitation of young adults who are coerced into copulation at an early age. Using photography, Khomo is interested in unpacking the memories of these young adults, as they are left with a distorted identity reflecting their past. She visits a world that is physical, spiritual, and traumatic. Khomo reflects and observes the person she is evolving to become, mirroring between the spiritual world and the physical world using colour to signify a shift in consciousness. She also investigates the parallels between the exploitation of women and environmental destruction.

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