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Sibusiso Duma
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Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions(cm): 42 x 59

 Born in Mbumbulu, Durban in 1978, Sibusiso Robert Duma started drawing at an early age. Coming from a single parent headed household he made use of materials such as charcoal from the fireplace to develop his early style.

His family moved to Umlazi in 1994, where his talent was noticed and nurtured by the late Trevor Makhoba through his Philange Art Project. In 1997 Duma exhibited with Makhoba and Welcome Danca at the African Art Centre in Durban.

His treatment of surface, subject, space and colour is unique in that other issues are not stated directly but are alluded to, thus creating an element of intrigue and wonder. His work contains strong social commentary with a touch of humour.

After 2003 he drew inspiration from the pointillism technique of Sphiwe Zulu to develop the much-loved style that he currently works in.

In 2010 Duma was one of 10 finalists for the ABSA L’Atelier Art Award.

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