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Earrings- Nkyinkyim-Dynamic by MRN Designs
Dimensions (cm): 4 x 2

Nkyinkyim visually expresses the metaphor, “life’s a journey”. The Akan had a common belief that the ability to adapt is the key element to overcome the twists and turns that one finds themselves facing in life.

The Adinkra range is inspired by one of the earliest forms of visual communication from indigenous Ghanaian communities. Each Akan symbol represents a thought and an idea, expressing and symbolizing the values and beliefs that one can positively manifest into their own lives too. Together, the Adinkra range represents MR.N Designs’ core belief which reads, perseverance and steadfastness give one authority to overcome the dynamic twists of life. Always remember, with knowledge comes understanding to live and succeed interdependently with others to achieve excellence.

MR.N Designs was established by Rofhiwa Nesemare in 2018, a Durban based designer with an educational background in Graphic Design. The Expression of her work is inspired by the little things in life, history as well as nature itself. As a creative, she designs to challenge reality through her imagination and creates to transform ideas into life. Behind every piece Nesemare creates to change the world, change attitudes, change behaviours and reshape limits.

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