Mzamo Mlambo - Reanimated your soul

Mzamo Mlambo - Reanimated your soul

Mzamo Mlambo
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Hand embroidery stitches and mixed media on canvas


90 x 65 cm

Mlambo’s work is about maximising the inner self and creating utopian spaces that are innovative, uncompromising, and romantic to uphold the power of emotion. And the touch of the human hand. These are all elements that describe the urban lifestyle. In his childhood, Mlambo used to like playing the classic video game, Tetris. The game almost always has the same mechanics: different-shaped blocks descend, and the player must rotate and arrange them to create an uninterrupted horizontal row on the screen.

His work is inspired by the game, and he uses 3D forms and bold colours to express movement through the modern world. It is about celebrating everything we have achieved as humankind while recognising the inequalities that arise in the process of rebuilding.

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