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Dreams As Revolution

Dreams As Revolution

Coral Bijoux
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Dreams As Revolution by Coral Bijoux
Dimensions (cm): 29.5x 29.5 | 113 pages

About the book:

Dreams as R-evolution is both the catalogue for an art installation of the same name, and a work of art itself. The book is a sumptuously-designed record of an exhibit conveying the work of Durban-based artist, Coral Bijoux, landscaped into the spaces of the Westville Plant Nursery. Among the images that open the book is text by the artist that functions as a poem, a warning, and as historical observation. “When you want to enslave a people, you steal their ability to dream.” Reminiscent of the U.S. Black poet Langston Hughes’ 1951 lyric, “A Dream Deferred,” (What happens to a dream deferred/Does it dry up/Like a raisin in the sun…Or does it explode?), Bijoux’s text prepares us to consider dreaming as an act of insurrection. 

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