Soft Boy I
Soft Boy I

Soft Boy I

Siobahn Doughty
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Oil paint on Fabriano
Dimensions (cm): 40 x 50

Siobahn Doughty explores concepts of femininity in relation to shame, violence, gender stereotypes and feminine solidarity. A 2021 Fine Art graduate of the Durban University of Technology, she employs a range of traditional and non-traditional media to communicate these investigations including bougainvillea flowers, paint, ink and marker, oil pastel and embroidery. 

Doughty’s practice explores feminine solidarity, both as a result and as a course of action, stemming from a need to re-evaluate the notions of femininity impressed upon her as a young girl. Acts of unlearning and breaking down patriarchal ideals surrounding femininity play a significant role in her making. Similarly, Doughty addresses the stigma posed against feminine-identifying individuals, resulting in a body of work that is unflinching in its boldness while maintaining delicately nuanced sensitivity and intent.

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