Zulu Pottery

Zulu Pottery

Elizabeth Perrill
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Zulu Pottery by Elizabeth Perrill
Dimensions (cm): 24 x 17| 106 pages

About the book:

A brief history of and guide to contemporary Zulu Pottery. Long held as one of the most spiritually charged Zulu art forms, Zulu ceramics have entered the 21st century as a diversifying and vital art. From independent artists to craft cooperatives, Zulu Pottery examines the techniques and individuals continuing this great tradition.
Zulu Pottery provides readers with a brief history of Zulu ceramics and a guide to contemporary Zulu pottery. Historically, Zulu beer pots have expressed local identities, as well as nationalism, during drinking ceremonies. Serving utshwala, traditional Zulu beer, is an important social and spiritual practice in Zulu culture and a beer pot is the most respectful vessel for this cultural drink. For this reason ceramics have weathered the storm of cultural and social changes through the 19th and 20th centuries. Today Zulu pots sold in galleries aresymbols of an array of transforming cultural, national and artistic expression. Zulu Pottery provides an overview of this dynamic movement.
The author, Elizabeth Perrill, has researched Zulu pottery under many prestigious fellowships and curated exhibitions of Zulu ceramics. Her continuing research in rural and urban South Africa seeks to tie together the rich history and contemporary dynamism of Zulu ceramic traditions.


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