Hannah Macfarlane - Rhythym in tension

Hannah Macfarlane - Rhythym in tension

Hannah Macfarlane
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Hand-spun wool, yarn, found metal.


21.5 x 52 x 7 cm

Hannah Macfarlane's works are evidence of the daily acts and rituals of holding and letting go, of tension and rhythm, forgetting and remembering, and engaging in the physical and cognitive, while finding the meaning in the in-between. Macfarlane’s core intention has been to navigate strategies of conscious care and the acceptance of human fragility and the importance of gentle familiarity with what is seemingly uncomfortable or unknown. In a time of deep internalization and hyper-awareness of our inner and outer world, being an active participant in the present and examining the core properties of natural materials feels like an essential, radical expression. The journey is acknowledging how we relate to our expansive experiences of connection (being both internal and external), and tending to the significance of the senses.

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