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Sihle Inensiko
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Acrylic paint on paper
Dimensions (cm): 155 x 105

Sihle Inensiko is a multi-disciplinary artists based in Durban, who’s process of creating art is influenced by the lived experience. Within this notion Inensiko’s work is often explored from the peripheries of society to capture moments that challenge the viewer to re-imagine or re-look at spaces or moments he or she would have otherwise neglected in their everyday lives. In most cases this is achieved through painting as an interpretive rendering of the artists own experience with these spaces. In a way it lets you see and feel what he felt through his brush strokes.

Throughout his life, Inensiko has always been fascinated by images and how they have the power to impact other people’s emotions and persecution of things and the world at large. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed when he opted to take his Advance diploma in Fine Art. After completing his Advance diploma, Inensiko delved even more into his Artistic practice, which involves him to constantly be in the centre of the experiences his opts to capture.

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