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James Hartlief-Artist of The Dreaming World

James Hartlief-Artist of The Dreaming World

Jeni Couzyn
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James Hartlief-Artist of The Dreaming World by Jeni Couzyn
Dimensions (cm): 20.5 x 20.5| 104 pages

About the book:

James Hartlief lives in the village of Nieu Bethesda, in the heart of the Great Karoo. In this inspiring book he tells his story, through his stunning lino prints, and scraps of conversation with Jeni Couzyn.

James’s story is funny and moving – his marriage at twenty to a woman who already had six children, his development as an artist as he soaked up the technical skills brought by volunteer artist/teachers to the First People Centre, and his battle with throat cancer that left him unable to speak for two years. Through his quirky narrative there emerges a vivid picture of a man who, still unable to write, began his working life at twelve as a sheep shearer, and became an artist supporting a whole clan with his work.

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