Soft Life
Soft Life
Soft Life

Soft Life

Joseph Manana
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Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 42 x 42

Joseph Manana grew up in Escourt and has been practicing as an artist since the 1980s. Manana began as a self taught artist and after being awarded the Tito Zungu Trust Fund, he enrolled at Durban University of Technology and completed a 3 year Diploma in Fine Arts. Prior to his Diploma he had participated in group exhibitions nationally and internationally.

Manana has been included in art residency programs and travelled to Europe. Joseph has fulfilled numerous mural paintings commissions; in Durban his paintings are visibly decorating the walls of the city.

Joseph Manana work is based on the reality of the world around him and reflects the society around him especially gender issues. As a South African man and father, his work speaks to others in taking good care of the women and children in our society. He uses his skills as an artist to share his view and to impart and spread unity among people.

After his father's death as a young boy, he was raised by his single mum where he and his siblings ate out of one bowl. This has taught me to share and to value the love of family.

Manana likes to depict happiness, caring for people who love each other and love life. He hopes to inspire younger generations through his art. He aspires to narrow the gap between different cultures and to constantly learn more about others. 

Manana feels strongly about tolerance and respect for people of all cultures and aims at depicting this through his art. 

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