Atmospheric mist - Suns Smooch
Atmospheric mist - Suns Smooch

Atmospheric mist - Suns Smooch

Myrrh & Moksha
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materials: neroli, grapefruit, lemon, clary sage, alcohol (denatured), distilled water
(ml): 100

Perfumer, Kerry Snel, creates and blends from her home based perfume lab, in Durban KZN. Snel was attracted to the art of perfumery both through her studies in Ayurveda and natural living and healing, as well as her desire to inspire others to create and experience romantic moments in their everyday lives. 

 "I tell stories through the scent of nature's essences because more than anything it’s important to me to keep reminding people that we are natural beings; that our minds and bodies are most nurtured while in the presence of nature. It’s up to us to preserve and protect the beauty of nature both within and beyond ourselves.  Perfumery is an art form that allows me to engage with my creative potential. It has the ability to harness and translate characteristics that the inner self seeks to express but can’t always translate for us, from behind the limitations of the rational mind. 

 Myrrh and Moksha is here to remind you that you are masculine and feminine. Light and dark. Shallow and deep. Special and not special. And it’s the balance between these states - the duality - that allows us to bathe in our true beauty. To discover a state of grace and inner truth - the Myrrh & Moksha of life."

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