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Between Emotions
Between Emotions

Between Emotions

Mmangaliso Nzuza
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Oil on canvas
Dimensions (cm): 120 x 100

Between Emotions
This painting is of a woman, solemnly sitting in a large armchair. With her legs crossed and arm perched upon her knee with her fingers pointing out in question The painting is dominated by hues of vandyke brown and raw sienna, omitting feelings of isolation, yet a sense of security and strength. The uncovering of the individual’s character through colours and lines conveys a sense of battle between the two feelings.
The woman is dressed in neutral-coloured clothing of a white, bare-chested top and a black, knee-length dress. The application of the oil is fairly matte with little to no glossiness. There is a some illusion created by the legs, hands, and chair, yet the artwork appears flat.

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